Night Club Events in Dubai


We offer a blend of professionalism, excellence, and creativity for a truly extraordinary experience.

Our Services


In addition to our catering service, we have tie-ups with restaurants, where we offer restaurant event management. We help you to organize your events – and do not have to worry about the food and drinks.

Night Club

We have clubs under our wings – Zayka One and Zayka Star for night club event planning in Dubai. We offer the best party atmosphere at our club with the best of amenities.

Catering Food & Beverages

Our Food

MAB Group Events ensures you get the best culinary experience in your events. Whether you’re organizing a large wedding, corporate gathering, birthday party, or other special occasion, our menu selections provide a wide range of Arabic, international, and multi-cuisine treats to satisfy any palate. We enjoy creating the plate based on your preferences and tastes.

We take great pleasure in making dishes that are not only delicious but also aesthetically pleasing by using the best and freshest ingredients. Keeping all of this in mind, we make sure that your event is a memorable gastronomic adventure as much as a special occasion.

Wedding Party Events in Dubai

International Cuisine

We bring the world’s flavour to your table. From delicious pasta to sashimis – our menu spans the continent. Our international food is tailored to suit various taste buds, so your party or event will become a global gastronomic adventure.

Wedding Party Events in Dubai

Special Cuisine

Exquisite Management For All Categories Of Restaurants.
Wedding Party Events in Dubai

Arabic Cuisine

We offer Arabic dishes, which have a wide variety of flavours and are rich and sophisticated. Falafel, shawarma, kebabs, and mezze, like tabbouleh and hummus, are signature dishes that exemplify our culinary delight. The use of fresh ingredients, herbs, and spices is valued in our Arabic cuisine, resulting in food that bursts with unique flavour. 

Wedding Party Events in Dubai


We offer multi-cuisine servicing with a diverse and delightful dining experience – which includes a blend of various international delicacies, ensuring that your guests can savour a diverse range of dishes. Whether it’s Italian pasta, Lebanese shawarma, or Mexican tacos, we cater to an adventurous palate. Thus, we make the fusion of global flavours possible.